Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seeing Store Shelves Through Senior Eyes

What makes this news story that was in The Wall Street Journal on 9/14/09 so newsworthy?

This article talks about seniors and their ability to go shopping and what restraints they go through when shopping. As I read this article I realized its importance in a few different ways. The glove simulates an old person who could possibly have arthritis attempting to pick something off of the shelf, along with the glasses he is wearing to represent impaired vision.
By the time we are in the year 2011, baby boomers, who take up 20% of our consumer buying will be 65. They are expected to spend over $50 billion over the next decade on consumer products nit he US. Old people are not going to buy something if they cannot see it. therefore measures are being taken by Rite-Aid and Walgreens amongst others to snsure that colors and lighting are used correctly to facilitate the elderly needs.
This article shows how important the elderly are in our environment. Larger printing ads for stores that elders often shop at such as Rite-Aid will inform them of better deals in their weekly coupon books. The significance of this article is based mostly on baby boomers and those who are already in their older ages, of 65 and above. Although this does not relate much to generate Y or X, if these actions are taken now to assist the elderly then we will have little to worry about when we hit that age. This news article shows how certain companies care about their consumers and how they are taking action in facilitating them. #PRCA 3330

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  1. wow. who knew old people spent that much money at rite-aid.
    it's good to see that some people recognize where the real spenders are.