Monday, September 28, 2009

Best TV show? hands down. Seinfeld

The show is genius because theres never been another like it, honestly. Its a show about nothing, yet everything. Its about life's daily occurrences along with things that people all think, and feel, but the characters actually do. There will never be a TV show similar to Seinfeld, holding up strong for 9 seasons and the collaboration of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld made this TV show so special. The timing of its era on television also makes it quintessential to its surroundings and timing of the late 80's and 90's. Now Larry David has his own show called Curb Your Enthusiasm, which currently is in its new season, and Larry David pretty much is the same character of George Costanza. Hopefully, I don't need to let you know who George Costanza is, because if you have never seen a Seinfeld episode, you are in the dark.
If you get a character breakdown on this show - the personalities are all perfect for the setting of a show about nothing, with nothing but bottomless relationships, George always getting screwed, Elaine always struggling with relationships, Jerry who the main man with a witty mind and then crazy Kramer. Kramer was actually a character that Larry David lived next in an apartment complex. ( seinfeld trivia for you )
The way the whole show was put together was a masterpiece in itself. From the opening conversation in the very first episode about the top button of a button up shirt and it's non-importance when you're not wearing a tie is the same conversation they have in the last episode sitting in a jail cell for all the petty crimes they committed throughout the years. (theres a little more Seinfeld trivia for you)
There will not be another show similar to Seinfeld for many years to come, if at all. Because they only make one Larry David and one Jerry Seinfeld.

This weekend, the whole Seinfeld cast will appear on Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO at 9 p.m.

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  1. Seinfield. What a great show! One of my friends has all the seasons and the Scene It game. You guys should get together and have a Seinfield marathon!