Monday, October 19, 2009

when dreams come true

There are a lot of jobs and other things I would like to dream of being. Any professional sport is already out of the question, except golf. If I could be on the PGA tour, I will have to say would my dream "job." Watching golf on Sunday evenings has been a habit of mine for awhile. And every time I watch a tournament my mind starts wandering. "How awesome would that be to do something so fun and safe opposed to other sports, I mean you can play golf until you can't see anymore." Professional golfers generally have the longest careers of all professional athletes. What would make being on the PGA tour so fun is the competition. If you want to win money you have to perform to your highest potential. You don't sign 5 year contracts as you would with other sports, so its pretty much up to you to make your money by winning tournaments. - I want to be on the PGA tour, but it's gonna take a lot more practice and steady playing.

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