Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Halloween is my favorite holiday. Seeing how much I love much and traditionally bands play some of their best concerts on Halloween. ex. Widespread Panic, who I have seen them play the last 4 Halloween shows. I'm not quite sure what makes Halloween so special, but I certainly do enjoy dressing up and is usually a time when I regroup with all my old friends that I don't get to hang out with on a regular basis or haven't seen in a long time. For some reason, the Halloween spirit is brought out when bands play. For example, Panic always plays songs that aren't on their usual repertoire. Songs like band on the run by the Beatles, Won't get fooled again by the Who have been some songs they have done in the past. Anyhow, they will not be playing in their usual spot - UNO lakefront arena, New Orleans this year, where voodoo fest also happens in that mess of a town every Halloween. So this year we have decided to venture down to my buddies football college season house, the only house in the neighborhood where you can see the scoreboard of the UGA/FL game. Good people horseshoes and whatever antics that kids my age do. The music choice this year however is something I am looking forwards to. Ever heard of AC/DC? Yeah me too. Never been to one of their concerts, but they are playing friday night in Jacksonville and we got some tickets. Saturday, gameday, probably won't make it to the game or dress up as usual. Not to sad about this, it's gonna be a good time. Definitely looking forwards to the change this year. Next week I will continue with results of how the weekend went, although UGA needs sto straighten up or do something. Hope everyone has a good Halloween.

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