Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pet peeves.......lets see, I'll start off with pets.

Cat's fur is a huge pet peeve of mine, could it possibly be my allergies? Probably so. Otherwise, pet peeves in my daily life are prominent. In no specific order I will list them. Ok, yeah, when people don't use their turn signals while driving either costs me time or either almost gets me in a wreck. Another one, how awesome is it when your roommates (everyone has had one) that eats all your food, and pretty much contributes to nothing when it comes to cleaning up your house, that he made a mess out of with your own food. Pet peeve. Another pet peeve of mine is people who don't know how to drive, seriously, their should be a 5 year test for all senior citizens just to see if they can drive over 45 miles an hour. Capabilities.

Right now those are the only pet peeves I am going to name because I don't want to sound like I hate the human race. What a sticky situation.

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