Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go Eagles

This week is homecoming week at Georgia Southern University. I love the spirit in the air, the only problem I have is the scheduling for homecoming, I have never liked it. Every year it is so close to the end of the semester that I am usually overloaded with school work to actually go to any of the events, except for of course, the game. Besides my rant about the scheduling my favorite part of homecoming week is voting for homecoming queen (I don't vote for the kings) and of course the game. However this year, GSU even though they don't exactly have a killer squad, I will still be attending the game. I am not in a fraternity so I can't really say too much about organizations....... Anyways, not my favorite time of the year, but you can definitely feel the spirit in the air. In high school we got the next day off if we won our homecoming game, I wish that same rule applied at GSU. Until next time...... Go eagles!

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